Attakus collection the specialist in collectible figurines and statuettes

Limited edition Star Wars statuettes and figurines are sought after by many collectors

Our talented authors are the originators of the impressive attakus collection of sketches and drawings

The French-Belgian Attakus figurines and comics collection are decorative and timeless

the statuettes are a great success, they allow to fill the passion of the collectors

specialised shops such as Attakus Collection offer dozens of Manga brands

Our workshop offers you its products with cult licenses such as Star War or Marvel

We are specialists in the sale of quality collectible statuettes and figurines in France since 1988

We propose you to discover in our e-Shop the figurines and statuette of your favourite heroes

If you love Star Wars and its saga, treat yourself to our latest collections of the Lucas film heroes

If you want to know more about the making of our Star Wars or Blacksad or Manga products, go to the Attakus shop

All our collectible figures are designed and made in the spirit of the comics you know

The collectible figurine market remains buoyant because Attakus statuettes are of high manufacturing quality

Particular care is taken in making models of the figures, then painting them

Each licence is entitled to its favourite heroes presented according to the author's sensitivity

There are limited or collector editions of statuettes, Attakus proposes you to visit its e-commerce shop

Of course all our products in the shop are numbered and have a certificate of authenticity

The material of the figurines varies, resin, porcelain or metal depending on the creator

The collector's statue represents the diversity of all the characters in a comic book or film

You can put your favourite figurines in settings that you create yourself

collectors buy and resell the most prestigious models Like Star Wars or Blacksad

Our shop is divided into five universes, Pin-up, Star Wars, Regis Loisel, Blacksad, Sillage, monde de Troy

Our themes that carry our collectible figures are Cinema, Comics, Manga, Art Print, Comix Buro or Edition Toth

Our manufacturers of collectible figurines and statuettes are Khani Editions Granit Associés, Comix Buro, Champaka Brussels, Ankama

Rue de Sèvres and Quai des Bulles are brands carried by Attakus Collection for limited edition figurines and statuettes

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Discover our Star Wars, Blacksad or manga worlds that we create with passion

We take a particular care to each of our realizations, in order to put in shop products of collection of quality

Attakus showcases Star War and its beautiful collectible figures BB-8, Bib Fortuna, Boba Fett, C-3PO, Chewbacca and Cody

An important place is dedicated to collectible figurines and statuettes such as Darth Maul, Gard Gamorréen

The Attakus shop includes many sketchbooks Comix buro and sketchbook drawings

You can buy artbooks or sketchbooks from our Attakus comics collection

Star Wars, Blacksad and manga figures are highly sought after by discerning collectors

The Loisel Timebird Quest figures are offered with their collector's box

The Loisel Timebird Quest collectible figures have their certificate of authenticity

the artists who create our figurines and statuettes pay great attention to detail in order to bring their creations to life

The sizes of the figures are variable, on average from 15 to 30 cm high, some pieces are very large, over 100 cm, they are rare

With the new films, Star Wars and Blacksad statuettes and figurines are now in high demand

Treat your family and friends to one of our latest trendy figurines or a sketchbook

If you want to increase your collection of limited edition figurines, Attakus offers you many authors

High quality BlackSad, Loisel, Guarnido derivatives become collectors' items

We sell Varanda or cute animal key rings as well as luxury prints of comics

Comic book prints and artbooks by Varanda, Vatine, Maly Siri or Guardino are in our e-shop

Collector's figures from Loisel, Blacksad and Guardino comics are on display in our attakus shop

Sketchbooks by Vatine, Malry Siri, Guarnido and posters and silkscreen comics are available in our e-shop

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover all the universes of attakus and its derived products Star wars

Our latest news will allow you to better maintain your figurines or statuettes of collection

for each collection figure there can be 10 different colours, discover them in our shop

The morphology of the figures comes in several forms depending on the sculpting process
Painting represents the final phase, it allows to give life to the statuettes and figurines

We have taken care to present our models in pictures and 360 degree video in order to better appreciate the quality of manufacture

The limited edition figurines and statuettes are of course handmade to be as realistic as possible with all the details

Some models can be like works of art, as our designers follow the sketches of the comics

A prototype of a figurine or collector's statuette will first be made in clay with different moulds before series production

Discover in our shop figurines in different positions, our inspiration being the comics that we respect with care

Collectible figurines are sold in packages that have an important place in your display case

Our collections are renewed very regularly in our shop like the Star Wars or Blacksad figurines

Heroes from manga, comics or sports personalities have a bright future ahead of them

Many figurines have been placed in interior decorations, come and complete your collection

Manga came into being in the 1980s with the appearance of cartoons such as the Knights of the Zodiac, Dragon Ball Z or Albator

It takes patience for the collector to find the collectible figurine he has been looking for, we are at your disposal
It also requires a lot of patience on the part of the creator, who must be inspired by the comic book and faithfully reproduce the features of the figurine

The limited edition Attakus statuettes are made of resin with colour variations

Our numbered collectible figures are hand painted with great care

Cartoon figures can be articulated with detailed fabric clothing

Collectors of figurines are meticulous and take great care of the statuette but also of the very collectible packaging
You are a fan of Stars Wars, Blacksad or manga figurines? Push the door of our Attakus shop

All our collectible figurines and statuettes are delivered in a collectible window box

Some figurines are also rare and sought after because they have value in the eyes of collectors

The Luke Skywalker collectible figure represents the embodiment of the Jedi Chosen One in Star Wars

The collection figures are of high quality, very robust and resistant, take care of them

The Star Wars or Blacksad collectible statuettes have an elaborate design faithfully adapted to the saga

The rendering of the Attakus collection statuettes is sublime thanks to the precise finishing and the colours used

In the Star Wars series, our limited edition collectible figures and statuettes are Bib Fortuna, C3PO, Chewbacca, Darth Maul and the imperial probe droid

Jawa, Jabba the Hutt, Jawa, Kylo , Luke, Maz Kanata and the Royal Guard collectible figures complete the Star Wars collection

The new series of John Blacksad is very rich, Alma Mayer, Black Bull, Chad Lowell, Donna, Faust lachapelle, Fiston or Hans Karup is magnificent

Collecting figurines is a passion that is passed on over time and a source of future gifts

You have a choice of Franco-Belgian collectible figurines and statuettes, such as Captain Crichet, Cixi de Troy, Djinn Sinbad and Gai-luron

Our Books, Comics, Drawing Books, Sketchbooks and Deluxe Print collections include many authors

Also in our shop in the Art Print collection, laminated posters, offset posters, serigraphs by great authors

Discover our cave reserved for collectors of statuettes and figurines with rare pieces

In our online shop, Bragon, Blacksad, Tetram Troll Bust, General Grievous, Navis and Pelisse

The most beautiful figurines of the Star War universe are on sale in our shop

The current trend is towards Franco-Belgian comic book figurines presented by Attakus

Would you like to have a beautiful collectible figurine at home? Contact us via our form

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From Franco-Belgian comics to manga, via cinema and video games, Attakus has been creating and publishing collector's statues for well-known and recognised authors and licences since 1997. Our team is driven by more than 24 years of accumulated know-how and a passion that is still intact. We have great plans for the years to come and we hope you will be part of the journey! We welcome you on our website and wish you a pleasant visit.


A store that reflects our passion ...

Visit our online shop and discover via our blog, the backstage of our sculpture workshop in Montpellier. Find all the pieces of our different collections in our online shop! Make yourself at home!
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Discover our universes

Comic book heroines, female authors or original creations, find all the female characters of the Attakus collection!

Find here all Attakus creations related to the universe Star Wars  imagined by Georges Lucas.


Discover the world of Blacksad  and follow the investigations of John Blacksad, through the collector's statues from the comic book drawn by Juanjo Guarnido and imagined by Juan Diaz Canales.

World of Troy 

Troy is a fascinating world created by Arleston, where magic intervenes in the daily life of all humans. Find all the Attakus creations based on drawings by J.L Mourier, D.Tarquin, O.Vatine.


Only human of the Sillage convoy, and adventurer with a big heart, find here all the sculptures of Nävis from the Attakus collection, heroine drawn by Philippe Buchet and José Luis Munuera in the science-fiction universe Sillage  designed by Jean-David Morvan.

Regis Loisel's universe

Rediscover the cult comic book Peter Pan  and the heroic fantasy universe of La Quête de l’oiseau du Temps  with Attakus creations from the works of Régis Loisel.


Decorative statues, posters, silkscreens, stencils... Find all Attakus creations in one click!


News on new parts, photos of our workshop, interesting information on the entire Attakus universe ...
Find all of this on the Attakus blog and our social networks!
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