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Darth Vader, an evocative name!

dark vador croisant les bras sur un fond noir

The story of Anakin Skywalker

It was on a planet in the Outer Rim that Anakin Skywalker spent the first ten years of his life. He was then a slave in the service of Watto, an important scrap dealer in the town of Mos Espa. Over the years, the latter becomes attached to the young boy, partly because the young Skywalker is gifted in mechanics.

His meeting with the two Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi will mark the beginning of his rise in the Jedi Order and his new life.
The young boy's highly developed skills alert Qui-Gon very quickly. He then convinces him without difficulty that his destiny lies among the Jedi.

Anakin becomes an accomplished Jedi under Obi-Wan's teaching as well as the Academy's most promising padawan. However, he is criticized for his arrogance and his impatience, two faults closely linked to his story... The separation from his mother worries his mind daily.

Anakin-skywalker chevalier jedi

Years pass and Anakin's talent for the Jedi arts grows. Continuing his teaching with Obi-Wan, Anakin is however plagued by anxieties and night terrors concerning his mother, who remained a slave on Tatooine.

Sensing her in danger on his home planet, he abandons a mission entrusted by the Jedi Council to try to find her. The young Skywalker then faces the death of his mother. His sadness and hatred will lead him slowly but surely to the dark Darth Vader.

anakin et vador dans son ombre projetée

L’ascension de Dark Vador : Était-ce inéluctable ?

The prelogy therefore traces the evolution and transformation of a young boy: How the one who was to bring balance to the Force finally became a ruthless dark lord feared by the whole galaxy? In retrospect, one can ask -and the greatest fans of the saga will recognize themselves in this conjecture- if Anakin wasn't pushed to the dark side by the Jedi Order itself?

The Council's distrust of his training, as well as the constant doubts of the greatest masters as to his maturity, his stability and his ability to become a Jedi master, have a certain influence on his destiny. Given Anakin's ambition, one can easily understand the impact of some of these slights on his journey.

Indeed, to be summoned to serve on the Council of the Jedi Order is a great honor for such a young Jedi Knight, but to be denied the title of master that traditionally comes with the office is an even greater disgrace. While refusing his help in arresting Chancellor Palpatine, master Mace Windu says, word for word, "if what you told me is true, you will have my trust", thus revealing that he didn't have it before. We recall that Anakin sat on the Jedi Council at that time…

More generally, the distrust displayed by certain Jedi masters towards Anakin during the Clone Wars, most certainly took the young Skywalker away from the Jedi Code.

anakin skywalker sur la tombe de sa mère

La notion de destin au cinéma :

Anakin / Darth Vader is the victim of a paradox commonly present in the world of science fiction: When a character is informed by a third party about his future, and the omen is gloomy, he will naturally be tempted to do anything to go against events and change the course of things, even if it means making decisions that radically different from those usually made.

A question then remains for the spectator: Was the fate of the character “written” independently of his actions? Let's bring the question back to our dear Anakin here: would Padmé have died if Anakin hadn't joined the dark side? Some would be tempted to answer no, because it is clearly mentioned that Padmé lets herself die of despair for this sole reason. If Anakin had recovered and returned to the light, would she still be alive?!

Well, not so sure. The detail that leads me to believe this is in Anakin's nightmares: Padmé is seen dying in the pain of childbirth, and not because she knowingly gives up life, which confirms that there are at least two scenarios, two different realities in which Padmé dies.  This tends to make us believe in the inevitability of her death. We thus find this notion of "inevitable destiny" dear to modern cinema. 

Even if it would be more distinguished to mention films like Butterfly Effect (by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, with Ashton Kutcher), Déjà Vu (by Tony Scott, with Denzel Washington), or even Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban , I think it is more meaningful to refer to the series of Final Destination.

gros plan sur le casque de dark vador

The second most famous pop culture icon in the world!

Did you know ? Darth Vader is the most famous pop-culture icon in the world… Just behind Mickey!

figurine Dark Vador #3 Attakus
SW038: Darth Vader #3

The third model in the collection

This is indeed the third Darth Vader model to enter the Elite collection!

The choice for this model is to return to a pose that clearly shows his power and the fear he inspires in all the enemies of the Empire.

Torso bulging, lightsaber in hand, he looks more determined than ever!

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