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the Blue Elf Vaalann and the magic of heroic fantasy come to Attakus!

A whole universe

The Lands of Arran form with the Lands of Ogon the World of Aquilon, the setting for the fabulous comic strips published by the éditions Soleil : Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs & Gobelins and Mages. In this gigantic medieval-fantasy world where creatures and magic mingle, the different peoples and heroes fight to survive, to find their place, for honor and glory.
It is within this fascinating world that the narrative arc on the Blue Elves takes place, split into two distinct clans:
In the north, life is organized in the Polanis archipelago and its capital Elsémur, an isolated city from the sea through a magic barrier.
To the south, the Blue Elves live mainly on their ships around the floating city of Port-Vogue.
The discovery of the Lands of Arran therefore begins with Tome Elves 1: The Crystal of the Blue Elves, whose cover features the character that interests us more particularly here: Vaalann, the Blue Elf.
Vaalann, the Blue Elf. Elves T01: The Crystal of the Blue Elves
“The Blue Elves of Ennlya, a small port town in Nordrënn, have all been slaughtered! The blue elf Lanawyn and Turin, a well-known man, investigate when all leads lead to a clan of Yrlanais. In the island city of Elsemur, Vaalan, a young Blue Elf passes the water test of the senses. The prophetess mother sees her near future, a future tied to the sacred crystal. “He who controls the crystal, controls the ocean. » Is Vaalann the Chosen One that the Elves are waiting for?
Between investigation and initiation, this story leads us into a world of pretenses, dreams and disillusions!
© editions soleil
The city of Elsemur

5 Peoples, 5 scriptwriters, 5 cartoonists

The concept was born from the combined reflection of Jean-Luc Istin and Nicolas Jarry: to create a universe where we observe the parallel evolution of 5 peoples of Elves, living in the Lands of Arran, whose stories evolve independently of each other others, to finally converge on a common plot. It is therefore possible to discover the Lands of Arran through one or other of the prisms offered by each duo (or trio with the colorist).

T01: The Crystal of the Blue Elves
Jean-Luc Istin
  Kiko Duarte
T02: Honor of the Wood Elves
Nicolas Jarry
Gianluca Maconi
T03: White Elf, Black Heart
Olivier Peru
Stéphane Bileau
T03: Chosen Half-Elves
Eric Corbeyran
Jean-Paul Bordier
T05: The Dynasty of the Dark Elves
Marc Hadrien
Ma Yi

Modeling of the prototype summarized in a few steps!

Patrick Masson is the professional sculptor who carried out the placement and modeling of the Vaalann prototype. You can guess, thanks to the pictures below, the meticulousness and the patience that this task requires, both for the work of the textures and the volume. We stayed in constant contact with the authors Jean-Luc Istin and Kiko Duarte who followed the evolution of the prototype step by step. The last stage of finalizing the prototype was the search for the colors of all the elements of the figurine, in order to stick as well as possible to the colors of the comic strip, taking into account the exposure to light and the shadows present on the visual of reference (the cover of volume 1).

The final result

C803 - Vaalann the Blue Elf and his collector's box

We haven't said our last word!

Vaalann, du clan des Elfes bleus, est la première héroïne des terres d’Arran que nous avons choisi de sculpter, mais vous vous doutez bien que nous ne nous arrêterons pas en si bon chemin ! Vaalann aura bientôt de la compagnie en provenance du monde d’Aquilon, mais qui ?
N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos suggestions, nous ferons appel à vous et à vos envies ! En attendant, nous sommes très fiers de vous présenter notre dernière création : Vaalann, l’Elfe bleue.

Nous vous souhaitons un agréable été 2022 !
Attakus team

Vaalann - The blue Elf


From time immemorial the Elves have trodden the vast lands of the lands of Arran with their eternal footsteps.

4 thoughts on “l’Elfe Bleue Vaalann et la magie de l’heroic fantasy s’invitent chez Attakus !

  1. Pascal says:

    L’ Elfe rouge

  2. Guillaume says:

    « Vaalann aura bientôt de la compagnie en provenance du monde d’Aquilon, mais qui ? »
    Ce pourrait-il que ce soit le nain Redwin de l’ordre de la Forge ?

  3. 2Gui says:

    « Vaalann aura bientôt de la compagnie en provenance du monde d’Aquilon, mais qui ? »
    Si cela pouvait être le nain Redwin de l’ordre de la Forge, cela serait génial

    1. antoine attakus says:

      Bonjour Guillaume,

      Nous y réfléchissons en ce moment même, vous aurez plus d’infos à la rentrée de septembre !

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