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Marie reveals herself! "Une Nuit à Rome", Jim


Summer, at last ! The beautiful Marie arrives at Attakus

Quelle saison plus propice pour la sortie d’une nouveauté très attendue chez Attakus ?! Marie , héroïne d’Une nuit à Rome de Jim, vient agrandir les rangs de la collection des pin-ups Attakus, avec ce buste 3/4 (21cm), vêtu d’un drap blanc.

This piece is the result of work carried out in close collaboration with J im whose wish for this project was to convey a feeling of fulfillment, sensuality, serenity and lightness.

Jim, essential french comic book author

Jim was born in 1966. After his baccalaureate, he studied for 3 years at the Angoulême comic strip school.

Scriptwriter, draftsman, he works for both cartoons and comics. He then became the author at Vents d’Ouest of more than 30 humor albums which met with great success with the public. He is also the screenwriter (under the pseudonym Téhy) of "Fée et Tendres Automates". His association with Fredman has already given rise to many hilarious and devastating works, all of which have been huge public successes! He also published the Yiu series with Soleil, as a co-screenwriter with Guénet, Vax and Renéaume (13 albums published), the "L'Ange et le Dragon" series with Lalie and the Reign series, with Cara.

"Petites Eclipses", which he wrote with 'Fane and published in 2007 by Casterman Ecriture, will mark his evolution towards a more intimate work since in parallel, Jim / Téhy makes short films, participates in the writing of plays and works in collaboration with Mercredi Films, which is developing three of its feature film scripts and a TV series.

With 70 albums, more than a million copies sold in the Jim collection and more than 300,000 signed Téhy, the author with two pseudonyms is today an essential author of the 9th art.

©Vents d’Ouest


Marie or Marie? Two versions available!

A monochrome version will be available in addition to the classic version and will be published in 80 copies. only ! Exactly what you need to dive back into this ode to passion and the unexpected.
C812: Marie, Une nuit à Rome, monochrome 80 ex.
C806 : Marie, Une nuit à Rome 350 ex.
une nuit a rome jim pin up attakus collection artbook auteur de bande dessinée attakus

“Raphael will rent a car, if possible with air conditioning… He will roughly calculate the number of kilometers to travel to get back to Paris… 1500 kilometres, maybe 2000… A whole day on the road… A day wasted… To think about while watching scroll the road… To think of her necessarily, to think of this night with her, to think of the one he left, of everything he destroyed, of everything that led him so far.

Une nuit à Rome – Cycle 1, Volume 1

We are confident that the challenge has been met!

This is how with great pride we present to you the beautiful Marie.

Availability : June 2022

Marie une nuit à Rome



Découvrez l'héroïne d'Une nuit à Rome !

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