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Garde Prétorien d’élite 1/10e – Star wars


Elite Collection - 1/10th scale.

Within the First Order, the Praetorian Guards perform the same task as the Imperial Guards within the First Galactic Empire established by Sheev Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars. They are therefore the direct legacy of this tradition of close guard around the leader in power. Praetorian guards practice various martial arts with melee weapons. The Praetorian Guard is thus composed of 4 pairs of warriors: 2 warriors armed with electro-bisento, 2 armed with Bilari electro-chain whip, 2 armed with Vibro voulge and finally, 2 (including the one presented here) armed with Vibro- arbitrate.

Commandant Gree – Star wars


Elite Collection - 1/10th Scale

Commander Gree, as he appears in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, as he is ordered to carry out Order 66

Maz Kanata 1/10e – Star wars


Elite Collection - 1/10th Scale

Born on Takodana, Maz Kanata is a millennial, force-sensitive alien. Pirate smuggler, it is she who recovers Luke's lightsaber lost on Bespin, which she will then give to Rey to finally join the resistance during the destruction of her castle on her home planet by the First Order.


Discovery PACK: Bedouel Discover the universe and the Black & White works of Fabien Bedouel thanks to this special pack on the occasion of the release of volume 3 of Valhalla Hotel, which concludes this thrilling and crazy arc.

Large Atalanta bust

Immerse yourself in the universe of ATTAKUS comic book heroines and discover Atalante through this life-size bust, by Crisse!