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John Blacksad, ready to shoot ! Upcomming hot this september !   

A new statue of John Blacksad to out soon,
as soon as volume 7 is released!

Dear enthusiasts, dear friends, dear comic book fans, we are very happy to present to you the statue of John Blacksad which will appear in 600 copies. By the end of October 2023.

You will find in this 25 cm statue, developed in close collaboration with Juanjo Guarnido, the charisma of the famous feline detective instilled by its authors, in an extremely dynamic pose, ready to shoot!

Opposite, a photo of the Blacksad sculpture in progress in the hands of Juanjo Guarnido.
Available at the end of October 2023 at a price of €360, you can already pre-order it in our store!

© 2023 Guarnido / Diaz Canales / Dargaud Ed./ Attakus Collection.

An iconic piece...
For our 25th anniversary !

25 years is not nothing! It was therefore necessary to mark the occasion. We announced our new release program at the beginning of the year and many of you gave us extremely positive feedback. You will have understood, this piece is our favorite for this 2023 school year and we can't wait for you to be able to admire it!

C830: John Blacksad, ready to shoot!

Blacksad, une BD culte.

23 years ago, the first volume of the series appeared Blacksad. Après le 2ème opus, Arctic Nation, the name Blacksad was on every tongue in the comic book sections of French and European bookstores!

Five volumes later and multiple awards at the biggest comic festivals around the world, we are still following the adventures of our favorite feline detective, and impatiently await the release of the 7th volume which will provide the answers to the questions raised by the excellent “cliffhanger” at the end of volume 6.

© 2023 Guarnido / Diaz Canales.
Source : Blacksadmania

An award-winning comic series named numerous times by the biggest distinctions in the world of comics!

Festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême :
– 2004 : Prix du public et Prix du dessin pour Arctic Nation ;

– 2000 : nommé pour l’Alpha-Art coup de cœur pour Somewhere between the shadows

San Diego Comicon (USA):
– 2011 : Eisner Award du meilleur peintre ou artiste multimédia pour Blacksad.
– 2013 : Eisner Award du meilleur album étranger pour L’Enfer, le silence (Silent Hell);
– 2015 : Eisner Award du meilleur album étranger pour Amarillo.
– 2023 : Eisner Award du meilleur artiste multimédia pour Juanjo Guarnido.
– 2023 : Eisner Award de la meilleure édition d’une bande-dessinée étrangère pour Dark Horse Comics

Volume 1 to 6

Volume 1: Somewhere Within the Shadows

Volume 2: Artic Nation

Volume 3: Red Soul

Volume 4: A Silent Hell

Volume 5: Amarillo

Volume 6: They all Fall Down - First part

John Blacksad, the evolution of a character destined to be a hero.

John Blacksad, this dark feline detective evolving in the dark alleys of an anthropomorphic New York, comes to us with unparalleled depth through the works of the talented Juanjo Guarnido and Juan Diaz Canales.

Like a lone hero with a heart tangled in mystery and torment, Blacksad navigates a world rife with excess power and corruption, weaving his way through winding intrigues.

Throughout the pages which reveal his adventures, we observe a subtle but perceptible transformation. Where once there was a cold and distant shell, a deep sensitivity and growing empathy is gradually revealed.

His attitude transforms, moving from passivity to action, from resignation to determination.

Volume 7 will be out the 3rd of november 2023