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BB-8, the most endearing droid arrives in the Elite collection (1/10th)



A small two-tone astromech droid, BB-8 is Poe Dameron's "pet droid" who has a strong attachment to him. BB-8 is entrusted by the latter with the map that leads to Luke Skywalker, this is the element that initially gives him strong importance in Rey's arc, when the resistance most needs Return of the Jedi …
He meets Rey on Jakku when he is about to be captured by a scrap dealer named Teedo, who then surely wants his spare parts. Rey meets Finn the day after meeting BB-8 at Niima Outpost, Finn then wearing Poe Dameron's jacket, which BB-8 immediately recognizes.
SW060: BB-8 elite 1/10th
Rey rescues BB-8

Pursued by the First Order, Rey, Finn and BB-8 are forced to escape Jakku by taking the Millennium Falcon whose presence on Jakku was the culmination of several "shipjackings" to its previous owners. Barely leaving Jakku, Han Solo does not take long to point the tip of his nose to claim the Falcon that belongs to him. He then joins Rey, Finn and BB-8 in the search for Luke. This name being vaguely familiar to him…

Rey, Finn and BB escape Jakku with the Millennium Falcon

Han decides to lead Rey to the planet Takodana so that Rey meets Maz Kanata. It is a decisive meeting for the fate of Rey, her learning of the Force and the search for Luke...

Arrival on Takodana

BB-8 a companion of choice!

The little droid is, in our opinion, one of the successes of the Star Wars postlogy. We appreciated the design of the character which is very original as well as its motion design* which we find extremely successful and fluid. It gives a real impression of lightness and volatility in its movements. Its head swings from side to side when in motion, in order to maintain balance. The result of a speed race between BB-8 and R2-D2 is then no debate! For the communication of BB-8, we note of course a very great resemblance with that of R2-D2. It's a bit of a convention in the Star Wars universe: Astromecanic droids communicate with "beep beeps" and humans understand them!


... The choice of a companion

We expected no less from Disney whose creation of endearing characters is a bit of a specialty. It's often a very complex question, the choice of the sidekick*, this character who is there to help the main hero, without overshadowing him while keeping relevance in the development of the plot.

If you've seen the KENOBI series, what do you think of L0-LA59, Leia's pet droid? It's hard not to compare it to BB, as the behavioral design of the droid seems very similar. We hope that Disney – Lucas will surprise us with new original Droids in future productions!

*motio design is the art of giving life to graphic elements (photos, typography , shapes, …) thanks to the movement. *sidekick: Acolyte, assistant, companion

Available for pre-order now on this site or at your favorite bookseller: BB-8 Elite collection

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