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Offline of, what consequences for customer accounts?, the transfer of power is over 🙂

Dear customers,

You are probably some of you who have noticed that our old e-store has been taken offline and wondered “but what happened to my account, why do my identifiers not work? they not on

From now on, the address automatically redirects you to, right here!

It was time for a well deserved retirement after more than 20 years of loyal service

What happened to my account?

Unfortunately, we were unable to transfer the customer account database to for compatibility reasons (yes… 20 years ago…). This is why the identifiers of your account do not work on

However, there is no consequence on all pre-orders recorded on nor on the order history of your accounts. Everything is centralized and therefore saved within our commercial management 🙂

We invite all our former customers of the site to recreate an account on by following the procedure explained in our  Q&As

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us directly on +33 4 67 27 12 38 or by email at

We wish you all a pleasant summer!

We remind you that outings are planned for the month of June on the Franco-Belgian side (Vaalann, Elves ; Marie , Une nuit à Rome) and that a great Ulule operation around Donjon Crépuscule is looming for the start of the school year 😉
Stay connected!

Attakus Team 
Marie – Une nuit à Rome - Collection Pin-up - Bande dessinée Jim - Statuette en résine 8
C806 - Marie, Une nuit à Rome
c803 Vaalann Elfe bleue bande dessinee soleil attakus statuette de collection edition limitee 9
C803 - Vaalann, l'Elfe bleue

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  1. Willette says:

    Bonsoir j arrive pas a faire un compte sur le nouveau cite attakus art merci si possible de me donner le lien cordialement Monsieur willette

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